Remote user testing and analysis:

A video training course

Learn how to benchmark and optimise your site or app design, with simple and affordable remote user tests.

Have you ever wondered if the design of your website actually helps your users?

Can customers find your ‘buy now’ buttons?
Is anyone seeing the ‘subscribe’ links in your blog posts?
Why is nobody using your new features?

If you’re a graphic designer, product manager, BA, developer, or even a veteran UX researcher, you’ve probably asked these questions a thousand times.

Often the answers are expensive and time consuming to find.

Enter remote user testing!

In this course, I'll show you how to use remote user testing to get objective data on these kind of design questions, in a matter of hours, not days or weeks like in-person user testing.

And no previous experience in user testing or design at all is required.

I’ll show you how to test drastic changes to your site with no previous knowledge of code or design, which can speed up your A/B testing by an order of magnitude.

And when I say data, I mean it - I’m not talking about chintzy clickmaps or heatmaps of where people are scrolling. I’m talking about generating real, task-based human performance data, and using a simple analysis process that benchmarks your site design in a way that no on-site analytics package can.

This process gives you really nice, easy to digest metrics, and great charts and graphics to wow your stakeholders and exec team.

And let me stress again — no experience or knowledge of user testing is required.

I’ll show you how anyone can use these new tools to get insights about the performance of their design and how things could be improved.  

Take this course and the performance of your design will no longer be a mystery.  

Start your remote user testing journey with me today!

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